stay focused

Train your mind the same way you train your body. Developing consistent patterns of beneficial self-talk, utilizing imagery, and setting achievable goals can enhance motivation, attitude, focus and concentration.

find balance

Learn to manage physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy and make the most of each day. Creating and practicing routines to balance energy can increase performance and enjoyment in sport, work, and at home.

maintain control

Utilize tools to regulate anxiety and emotions and communicate effectively with others. Prioritizing commitments with value-based action can alleviate stressors and direct time and energy to where it is most needed.

redefine success



Unlock your full potential, gain a competitive edge, and achieve your goals with mental performance training.



Support growth and facilitate peak performance by integrating mental strategies with physical skills.

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raise the bar





Amanda is a Certified Consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP) and enjoys working closely with athletes, teams, and coaches to leverage mental skills and achieve new levels of success.

In addition to her work as a mental performance coach, Amanda is a competitive age-group triathlete at the sprint, international, and Ironman 70.3 and 140.6 distances. As a seasoned athlete, she understands the demands of a rigorous daily training schedule, the heartbreak of injury, the difficulties of time management, and the joys of achieving a new PR. When she is not training and racing, Amanda is a USA Triathlon and USA Cycling certified coach with the Multisport Performance Institute and serves as a guide and tandem pilot for athletes with visual impairments.

Amanda received her MA in Counseling with a Specialization in Sport and Health Psychology from Adler University and is now pursuing her PhD in Educational Psychology with a Concentration in the Psychosocial Aspects of Sport and Exercise at the University of North Texas.


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